Monday 24 October 2016

Distracted Driving and its Consequences

Let’s start with the technology advancement that has prompted an increase in the use of cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices meant to enhance online connectivity. According to an estimate, the number of cell phone users in United States had grown 7 times during 1996 to 2009.

The sad news is that this technology has an active hand in distracting the vehicle drivers, increasing the chances of accidents. According to National Safety Council, distracted driving has been the reason for 1 out of 9 deaths caused by traffic collision.

Activities that cause distraction include texting, calling and usage of smartphone or tablet apps. More mobile apps are being developed for the purpose of providing mobile customers the entertainment and also the solutions that require GPS. People refer to such apps during car driving in order to get right directions. This usage is enough to distract a driver from the road. Furthermore, many of the road accidents caused by distracted driving happen because drivers are found engaged in discussion related to office work. These kinds of accidents might force employers to fully accept or at least share the liability.

Usage of mobile devices slows down reaction
According to a research, the distracted drivers get even slower in reacting during driving as compared to the drunken ones. Some stats that elaborate how dangerous distracted driving has been are worth mentioning below. 
  • It’s just a matter of seconds for a collision to happen. Yet, the usage of mobile phones during driving can distract an average driver for more than 25 seconds after disconnecting the phone and catching up with what is going on around.
  • Study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states that even the usage of hands-free doesn’t normally prevent drivers from getting distracted.
  • Another study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that teenagers are usually distracted in 25% of the total time spent behind the wheels.

It simply means that use of electronic devices can distract a sensible driver enough to make fatal mistake on the road. Here is a little stat.
  • Of all fatal collisions happened in 2013, nearly 10% were resulted due to distracted driving.
  • In 2014, the number of people died due to accidents caused by distracted driving was 3,179. These accidents caused minor and major injuries to 431,000 people.
  • As for now, there are 660,000 vehicles which are being driven by the people who use cell phones during driving.

What does the law say about it?

The law doesn’t only penalizes for the usage of cell phones to avoid distractions during driving but it also helps the victims by compensating them in case of occurrence of an accident. There may be several scenarios according to which the liability can be imposed but all you need to know from this article is that you can claim for compensation if you are injured due to someone else negligence. For that purpose, you can take help from Personal Injury Lawyers in South Bend Indiana, and get help from them in filing a lawsuit.